Town Life – A slice of the Golden Community

Golden may have been just a blip on your radar, or somewhere to fuel up but it has character, lots of musical soul, and rich Canadian History. While you’re here you may get stopped by a train, hear it in the foggy distance or hear the bells while you’re in downtown and that’s because Golden owes a portion of its start to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

CPR added to the cultural makeup of the town as they brought in Swiss Mountain Guides to share their expertise in traversing the backcountry. You can still see the impact of the Swiss Guides when you enter downtown or drive by Edelweiss Village.

That’s just historical background to give you an idea of how Golden got its start, but what brings you to a mountain town other than the nature, landscapes, and history?

Community, good vibes, kindness, great food and drinks, shopping! Whatever took you to Golden, we hope that you get to experience all that you wanted.

If you’re looking to see what Town Life is like, then keep reading! We’ll take you through a more modern version of Golden and what it has to offer.

The Golden Art Gallery

The Golden Art Gallery and Studio Gift shop (AGOG) is a beautiful not so hidden gem. Upon entering you’ll be treated to an exhibit from in-house artists or from other galleries. AGOG showcases up to eight solo and group artists a year. September 2022’s exhibit was a showcase titled “Signs for Life—An Exploration” by Jane Tevelein Doel, an artist from Parson BC.

Jane Tevelein Doe, RAKU Fired Art, (AGOG Art Exhibit)

When you’re finished admiring the art you can bring a piece of it home. Support the art community and browse from their selection of fine art and home-grown gifts. If you’re interested in past exhibits, check out their info page on Kicking Horse Culture.

Worthy Boutique Consignment

Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer with the gear or you’re a beginner looking to add to your apparel, we’re sure you’ll find something at Worthy Boutique Consignment. If you’re looking for a funky item, something a little different, or a missing accessory piece you’ll also find it here. The items in the store are uniquely Golden as they come from the people. You may find a The North Face jacket or an awesome velvet dress. Worthy makes it to our list of Town Life because at the core, the owner, the staff, and the clothes are worthy of our attention! Worthy takes a well-curated approach—their staff wants you to walk out with clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Think personal stylist meeting a consignment store. Get to know our town through the fashion, go say hi to Tracey and Ava!

Rockwater Bar & Grill

After meeting Tracey at Worthy Boutique, you might see her again doing a DJ set at the Rockwater. You may not know it, but music is very important to the community here! In fact, every summer there is a Summer Kicks Music Festival held at the Baseball Diamond. Artists from all over Canada visit Golden. When it’s starting to get cold, you’ll find many locals at the Rockwater for a Hip Hop Dance Party or intimate “Hidden Attic Sessions”. With two stages, a large bar, and lots of room to dance and sit, you’ll get to know the music scene in town. Follow them on Instagram, walk by the restaurant, or look at the Community Bulletin Boards—you’ll always know when there’s going to be a show.

Golden Rockets Hockey Games

You can’t say you’ve had a Canadian Experience without going to a Hockey Game! It’s like going to the UK and not visiting the local pub. The energy in the air, the well-meaning competitive drive shared among the fans… you really can’t beat anything like it. The Hockey game is where you’ll meet and interact with people from Golden and the neighbouring communities/towns! The sense of community in the Area is unparalleled. Grab yourself a toque and watch the Golden Rockets absolutely kill it on the ice.

Bonus! We sponsor at least two players each year! Hockey means a lot to the Moberly Lodge Family, watch for our players on the ice!

Golden Museum and Archive

If you’re a history nerd, make sure you stop by the Golden Museum and Archive. The Golden and District Historical Society is committed to “preserving, promoting, and presenting the diverse history of Golden and its surrounding neighboring communities”. Take a look at the Family Files! Palumbo Road, Golden Donald Road—they’re named after people who added to the Infrastructure or history of the Town. Perhaps you can tell us a piece of history that we’ve never heard of when you come back to the Lodge!

Golden Farmers Market

We may be biased, but it seems like a lot of creatives, artisans, chocolateurs, etc. flock toward the mountains. During the summer the Golden Farmers Market is on Wednesdays from 11-3PM near the Pedestrian Bridge. If you’re here during the rest of the year, the market is at the Golden Rec Plex. Not only is this a great family outing, but it’s also a fantastic place to pick up snacks or souvenirs! Our favourite is the Bakery stall that serves freshly baked pretzels out of their portable oven. What’s not to love when you have a beautifully baked fresh pretzel in your hand as you walk around to the other stalls.

That was just a quick snippet of Town Life from our perspective, but what’s yours? What are we missing? Who or what should we add!

Let us know what your Golden Experience was like!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the Lodge.


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Written by: Carla F

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